Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Perfect Sinner

I bet you don't know me,
even though you see me.
I bet you don't even try,
if I am not in your group
of the perfect sinner.

I bet you will preach to me
if I would give you half a second.
I bet you will tell me you are a Christian
and then walk the earth
sinning more than I ever could.

I bet you will hide away
pretty as you please.
You talk your talk for all to hear
and drink yourself to sleep.
They are praising you
because they do not know you.
A fake who hides beneath,
worried that no one will understand.
Your soul cringes in pain
listening to the words you speak,
but we both know
you will never mean.

I bet you will talk about me
even though you have no clue who I am.
I bet you will tell them I am a sinner
even though you have never walked in my shoes.
I bet you think you are better than me,
even though you have never had to do a thing in your life
that was actually worked for by your own blood and tears

I bet you do not know who you even are,
I bet no one else does either.
You are to busy playing a fools game
hiding behind a bible that you have only half read.

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