Friday, April 1, 2016

New stuff in the works

How has everyone been? I haven't been around for a bit but life can catch up with you sometimes ;). I am working on a few projects that I have not shared with everyone because they are a little different than you are use to here. It is always good to switch things up here and there huh? The new book I am working on is called "The Voice of a Manic" Cool idea for the cover that is way different than any you have seen with my books so that is exciting. I am also still working on "Sinfully Becoming" but it has been an on and off book to work on. Also a romance is in the works so staying busy but maybe not busy enough with the books. I took a time out for awhile but back at it. I am happy to see so many people still checking out my blog even if you are stuck with oldies :). 

I have also started a product called Plexus that has been wonderful and given me back my energy and helped with my stomach issues so that is another plus. Now maybe I will have the want to write as I done before. If anyone has ever thought about trying it you should really give it a chance. I have tried many other things and they were just gimmicks :/. You can check out my website if you want to see the many different things that there are to try. If you would like to speak to me personally about this great product you can contact me on Facebook or Email me at Make sure that you put PLEXUS in the subject line so I know to make you my priority.  

If any would like to buy any books you can go to Bathsheba Dailey in books on amazon. If anyone would like a signed copy you can follow the Facebook link and drop me a inbox. Have a wonderful day everyone. 

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