Monday, May 7, 2012

Bonds of eternity

I could lay my sins
down to the ground
for all to walk upon
but the viscous smell
of your blood will still
run through my fingers
for all too see,my eyes
dark as coal will stand
where I am known.

Your heartbeat freely
beats out of control
as you think of the
sins you no longer
have the will to put
on hold. You walk in
the darkness of yesterdays
mistakes,slowly your
life finds more miseries.

Serenity cannot be found
in the lost words of your
lonely mind.We cannot change
what we do not wish,in your
mind I am always here to
punish.A dagger in my hand
I dig deep into your soul
as I search for my way in,
I lead you into perfect sin.
I have found my opening!

Your body temperature starts
to cool with one touch of my
poisonous hand,I have succeeded
you have now become my own
cold personal mutiny.Follow
me into the night,I will show
you the shadow lands of mans
inner souls sinful plight.

I have broken free from the
heartless chains of man!I now
understand the way life shall
be forever more.I walk life with
you following me on your hands
and knees.I am the only one you
are too please,you look at no
one but me for the rest of

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