Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nonchalant ramblings

I am confused and
worn from your ups
and downs.You have
no idea of what life
is really about,you
say things but showing
them brings me nothing
more but extended doubt.

You are in confliction
with yourself,you have
proven over and over
again what you want
for yourself but once
again your mind has
to take ten.

You are in transit on
a never ending road,
you take your demons
out where they should
never roam.You lift
your head to see a half
moon,the full sun is
your everlasting doom
and heartache.You are
left to fake!

Your ramblings make
no sense to me,your
weakness can so easily
be seen through the
strength you try to
deceive me with your
hollow room of grief.

You try to make me be
that one part of your
life that you have forever
searched for to give
you serenity but I have
walked that line of tales
before and cannot be
the girl next door in

I walk proud and nonchalant
and hide from no one
including myself.My life
is one you have to take
or throw away because my
spirit has finally out
grown the shell that at
one time covered me!

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