Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet embraces

I could only dream
of such sweet embraces
as the tears still
silently fall invisibly
down my reddened cheeks.

My life just a moment
seemed so right and
now we once again lean
towards things that will
never change,our past we
can never erase!But with
each other we can find
so many more brighter days.

He leans in toward me
as I silently pray for his
eyes to speak a million
okays,telling me in there
beauty that life will
finally start with today.
The past can be erased!

His lips softly touches
mine as we feel our life's
reflections shatter in
each others loving faces,
the mirror we had hid
behind nothing more now
than shattered glass that
we wish never again to find.

Our true love we can finally
see,our souls lingering
together so high the heavens
we can almost reach.Bodies
intertwined for the rest of
our lives!My future can be
seen in the pools of his
eyes!Our lives no longer
lived behind disguises,
our hearts sweet melody
can be heard miles away
in our dance of love making.

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