Sunday, August 5, 2012

Set my memories aflame

I searchingly stare off
into space wondering
when I will finally feel
that touch that tells me
I am at home where I
have always longed to

I cry and kick and
sometimes even scream
into the night that
is always the worst
for me and decidedly
I go my own way
away from all that I
have ever believed
and dreamed of,I
search and I stare
but yet there once
again is nothing off
in my horizon that
gives me the fulfillment
that I need.

I sometimes crack
under my own pressure
that only I have given
myself.I look out
from under cover and
dare myself to take
yet just one more step.

I sleep only when my
body can take no more
of the punishment I am
always giving it,stride
on and make today
better than tomorrow.
Somehow I see I am
living on borrowed
time but yet I once
again drop,maybe this
time my wings will
work,maybe this time
I can find my way to
now fly.

One wound keeps
me bound where
I am always left to
stay,one person took
everything that gave
me strength completely
away and I am left
to wonder does he
really realize what
his late night talks
really meant to me
while he was just
trying to find just
some other girl to
hopelessly feel.

I am down on
my knees begging
the heavens to just
take all of these long
ago memories away
from my sleep so I
can rest,take them
and burn them as
I wish I could,but
the sad fact is I am
and always will be
in love with him and
only him.Leading me
once again astray!

Here I sit awake
again thinking of
everything but yet
nothing! Set my
memories aflame,
I just wish to
learn how once
again to sleep
with the sane!

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