Thursday, August 9, 2012

The hidden me

It is the starlit glow
of the night that gives
me peace and time to
reflect on the past
that today will be
once again in lost
memories.I search
for the sun once again,
this time in hopes of
real peace and open

Searching for the
perfect touch to
my being, searching
for the strength
of lost arms I am
consumed with dis-
pleasurable feelings
that come from anyone
else and I have once
again thrown the useless
flesh upon the ground.

I walk over him and
his degrees of what
he believes in his
very own mind.I never
lied when I told him
he would not ever have
all of me so why now
act like he has been
hurt when we all know
it was really just a
ticking time bomb
ready to explode.

I cannot turn off
the timer of lost
things,I said it
from the very beginning
and should not have
to hide from the past
that my heart found
it's best friend.That
will never be found
again,I have said
it more than once
from my mouth and

In order to find
what lays beneath
you first have to
find the real me!
one you never took
the time to see!
Once again I will
say,there is only
one who took me to
heaven and back and
only he could I ever
really trust him.

Sorry I could not
take you to the
places you wished
to be,you could
of had it all if
you had took the
time to know the
real hidden me!

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