Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The plank

I walked across
the sound of my
thoughts for they
no longer held the
rhythm of  my

I walked the plank
and dared life to
push me within
the waters of hell,
for it has never
scared me to swim
ashore and start over.

I walked the clouds
of the storm and
took the time to dance
in the rain. Falling
gracefully was my
hidden pain.

I walked the shadow
of doubt and find
harmony in all the
scribes written before
my time,excepting
every line portrayed
as nothing less than
perfectly divine in the
words of another.

I traced my own mind
searching for the hidden
meaning of life, within
it I could not find what
I was seeking so desperately.
I learned though that life
was never meant to be
understood, it indeed
though was just meant
to be lived.

I cry a million tears
that only the heavens
could ever understand,
and then I write my
torments with a bleeding
hand. Quirky I think
of my past memories and
decide that my forever
love is just as alone as
I, by the side of empty

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