Sunday, July 7, 2013

Black Sheep

I have taken the dark
under my arm like a
safe house from the
world you dare tell
me to walk with pride.

Heartless souls work
their magic of stupidity
along the trails that
they walk on. You only
see what you search
for, close your eyes
and walk on by!

I am ready to leave
this world and meet
my maker whoever he
shall be, I fear nothing
but my own reality!
I would be happy to
show you the way, if
you are strong enough
to play.

I am sure you could
never live on both
sides of the fence,
you have no defense.
To me you are nothing
but a lost soul that
has nothing to lose
anymore but yourself.

You watch me like you
know me. You cry your
disgruntled tears where
only you have caused
them, you make your own
pain. I fear nothing
when I am out of the
absence of my own

I walk with a bounty
of dread that leaves
poison trickling behind
my every move, every
step that I take gives
you one less break. I
find what scares you
keeps me sane, only a
little insane!

I am heartless only
in my grief, my heart
is one that you will
never again see. That
is just me! I can cover
my body like you cover
your soulless being, but
never forget I see what
lays beneath. Nothing
more than a black sheep!

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