Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I want to say a big big thank you to all of the blogs and sites that are promoting my latest book, it has really been great to see sales for it. I also want to thank Santos, Andrew and Inner child press for having me on your shows this past week. I was so nervous to do a radio show but it has been a lot of fun. You all are great! I want to do a really big shout out to Andrew Scott who not only had me on his show but allowed me to go deeper into what the charity book "Battered Shadows" is for and who the royalties go to. This was a blessing and great surprise to know he has also bought the book for the NCADV group. We wish them much luck and love with the sales and hope sincerely that the book does help them even if just in a small way. ALSO THANK YOU E-BOOK LOVERS! You all rock! Have a beautiful day to those just waking up and sleep well to those going to bed. Please check out my latest book and Battered Shadows. 


A Battered Shadows where all proceeds go to NCADV, this book has poets from all over the world and myself and Selina was so happy to put it together! YOU ALL ROCK

Paperback only 8.09

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