Sunday, July 14, 2013

Love swiftly comes to me 10/11/12

Love swiftly come to me,
make my heart melt again.

Forgetting the past and
all of its pain,feel again.

My soul wakes to a brand new
day,drifts back into place.

My fears to leave my lonely
mind,splendidly I have been

A new beginning,a new life
teaching me that my thoughts
at one time were not right.

Love swiftly comes to me,and
a heart to love for now and
all eternity.

Souls to reach the heavens above,
together making their dreams more
than words to be spoken of.

Bodies to reach the heights that
were never dreamed of,in the arms
of the one I have always loved.

Bitter sweet memories to find a
new haven,new memories to take
their place.

Love swiftly comes to me,out of
my dreams to really be.Taking my
heart to a place that it will want
to forever stay. Your my saving
grace, my hearts resting place.

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