Sunday, July 14, 2013

The path of the Dark Angel

Black Angel walks earth with strength
written on his every step. His eyes the
color of blood, his jaw hardened high
on his face. He walks in a manner showing
all in his way that he has won with just his

He is searching!
He is searching for his next taste of bloodied lust!
Purity of the soul quenches his dark thirst of hunger.
Satisfying himself in the raping of what was once pure and carefree!

He wants to devour
He greedily devours all in his wake, taking all with him!
The gates of hell opens to his beckoning call!
Shattered glass falls from the hands of slashed wrist!

He softly speaks in an overpowering voice
come with me,
enticingly his fingers begin to move ever so slowly,
now child, come to me!
Come into my dark!
Come feel the numbing pain of nothing!

Let go!
Let go of the pain,
for I can give you what you fearfully seek!
I can wash away the tears,
I can let all go cold where steps are taken lightly!

I can give your energy back,
I can breathe my dark, empowering nothing into you with one graceful gesture!
I have what you need,
walk with me!

Scream your festered heart, for I am all you need!
I can take away the pain,
I can give you the strength that you have always wanted!
Needed! And begged for!

Walk, walk this way, walk where nothing can hurt you any longer,
Take my hand and let all be free,
I am the only friend you need!
I am the powerful force,
Succumb into me!

Glorify the feeling,
the feeling of nothing!
Glorify in your own knowledge,
knowledge that cold can never feel the burn of warmth!

Come now before it is to late,
come walk with the shadow of death!
Find your place among the fallen!
Carry yourself!
Carry yourself for you are all that you need!

Calm your grief
Calm what has never been cared for!
Calm what has easily been shed upon your body!
Search with me,
search for your inner peace, what has never been can never be!
For you have done all that you can,
ignored has been your heart and soul.

Walk with me!
Let go, misery only comes when allowed.
Find your safety, find it in the walls of forgotten things!
Let go, hearts can only be broken if they are shared!
Feel it?
Can you feel the pain?
Blatantly now only you can release it,
walk, walk toward me for fear and pain can be left in your yesterdays.

The black Angel successfully has found his next prey,
he has convinced one that the dark can swallow all pain.
Healing comes where none can feel,
safety come where souls no longer reside!
Upon the world one was born, life has shown all that needs learned,
heart and soul can no longer be cared, for it has always felt the pangs of despair!

The fangs of life have sucked everything from her,
everything that made her heart see the pain of others,
everything good shared was taken for granted and slaughtered.
For the benefits of others she was crossed from the list of feeling,
for she had no right to believe in good where only evil awaited her!

Feel the pain?
Beg mercy,
never feel what can be hurt!
Never trust in the lies of man,
for you are their prey.
You are nothing!

Hear me the Dark Angel enticingly states in a factual voice,
no longer does he have to beg!
For he has won his prey, successfully!

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