Thursday, December 5, 2013

Disparities Skeleton

I find hope in disparity
for nothing last forever
to some degree the shadows will lie still
giving the demons time to sulk
in their own closet of fear

Awakening when least expected
turning all into a disheveled mess of normality
that once again will be fought
in a disorderly test of wits

Time consuming skeletons coming to life,
when all has been put to rest.
Giving you reason to second guess
what you thought you had already figured out.
Reality hits home
when glass cracks by the touch of your thumb.

Awareness seeks it's way
through the fractured mind
that had lain so silent, fruitfully.
Nerve endings so easily sparked
agitated with just one word,
when you see yourself hidden in the dark
being over looked like a shadow on the wall.

My mind takes me down this long country road
a haven of nothing is felt beneath my feet.
For just one moment I feel so completely free
there is not one star in the sky on this chilled night
but yet I saw nothing but innocence in it's beauty.
So I wished upon the moon
for it is at it's brightest tonight
it winks down at me
and so I smile.

Forgetting the skeletons
that were meant to stay hidden
as I roam free in all of my tormented glory.
I try to take my own pleasure
in the shadow that I have become
for I find hope in the disparity
in which I have already overcome.

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