Friday, April 3, 2015


Staggering into a room, everything seemed so dark
I had not had a drink, I was intoxicated against my will, I think.
Eyes focused on a spinning picture
colors ran together as one in a brilliant form.
A rainbow eclipse hovered over me,
I was enlightened to what I was not supposed to see.

I heard a bird chirp in song
he had his mind made up I could hear.
His plan was simple and it had nothing to do with
his life of normality.
He knew he could take flight
his wings had taken him on many journeys.
He could fly away
as if there was nothing stopping him.

As the eclipse of  colors swirled
I thought of that freedom
to take flight when all was not well
or just when he became bored with the same thing.
I could not help but wonder how that felt
to take flight when things were not up to par
instead of sitting perched on a tree to dwell.

The more that I watched him
the more that I wanted to leave.
A place that only held friction and uncertainty.
I was searching for something
that would not leave me reluctant of
facing obstacles that once were so easy to face.

The sky has now darkened
the clouds are bountiful across the horizon.
I can smell the moister building up
the ache in my body has come to a boiling high.
The colors fade away
as the calm before the storm leaves me in peace,
for what short time that may be.

Everything became so clear
I was thrown from being intoxicated
to a sobering feeling of reality.
There were wonders that was not so far away
there was beauty that most ignored to see.
Life gives us only what we reach for,
it gives no bounty to those who do not fight for more.

The eclipse melted away
as fast as it had appeared.
The colors found the way back into the sky,
a fading of darkness left the clouds bright
in a beautiful clear hue.

Some things are not meant to be understood
an outside look in was all that was needed
to reflect on what was important
and what was not,
 had taken hold.

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