Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cards on the table

I am sick and tired of all your little games,
I am not the only one to blame.

You make it seem like it is only me, but look
again and what do you see.

I knew it before it was ever said, I felt it
through the computer screen. It is not just

You can try and destroy everything I have,
everything that we shared you cannot have.

But what does it matter now anyway, we both
lose to his new found flame.

You are more blinded than you think, maybe not
as smart as you wish to be.

Don't try to say I am full of lies, who knew it before
you came out of your disguise?

I am tired of hurting and tired of all the blame, you
act like we are now not the same.

So go ahead and play your spade, I am sure at work
she will fall for your games.

I gave you warning, I begged to know, why you would
stay with the one you would never feel hope.

I let you hurt me just as you pleased, but I am tired of
her only seeing me.

Never would I ever want you to hurt, but I am tired
of you treating me like dirt.

So go ahead and play your games, let her to fall for
your loving gaze.

Don't say you were not warned, don't say you had no
chance, don't blame me when your hand runs out.

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  1. Strength in numbers outweighs the weaknesses that plague the few.