Tuesday, May 29, 2012


You lied and I believed,
bent down on my knees I
cried my life away with
the broken heart you so
easily deceived.

You couldn't keep your
stories straight,your
heart had no faith in
the person you were
meant to be with until
the end of your days.

Never will you feel the
harmony of the one who
knew you best,many will
forever ponder this in

I no longer play the turns
of a fools game,I laid my
pain out to dry and found
life made of loving arms
that feel without lies and

I walk now in my own shadow
never to look at the walls
to see who walks in front
or behind me,I have set
myself free!

Unknowingly I still find
myself in you when all
seems lost to me,but my
heart has finally opened
up to set you free to some

I patiently wait for the
day that your face is just
a searching memory,I am
waiting for the night that
behind closed lids you are
no longer lying in wait for

I am tremendously waiting
for the time that I stop
searching for the picture
that I no longer want to

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