Friday, June 29, 2012

My hearts voice

Lonely hearts swallow
the sound of silence
in the night hours of
I miss and need you

Wide awake days left
in the dark to see
empty.Pushed away
words of forgive me
is heard softly.

Known acts of un-common's
give us something to
blame,hearts though
sometimes cannot help
who gives them a lovers
flame of hopes and

Lost in my thoughts
of I know what to do!
Found in a heart that
I wish could be true!
Tempted by the chance
of one more time!Worried
that I will be left
again to cry!

Body to be found in
the safety of your arms,
hearts left to be set
on alarm.Chances are
made to be given,hearts
sometimes just have
to be forgiven!

I find hurt where I
wish to find mad!Give
up and never go back!
But this heart of mine
is not a giver upper,
I walk back into what
may be a hell made from
heaven.I walk back into
the devils grasp because
I have yet to be left
bending.I am however
maybe to forgiving!

My heart to only see
my wanting!My mind
screaming and fighting
the whole way!I push
my thoughts away as I
let my heart say what
it wants to say.


  1. This is the most heartfelt and alluring poem I've read from by you to date ... Nice going .