Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eye to eye

I am taken!Not by hand,
not by name,not by anything
that another can see!

I am taken though
internally and my
heart and soul has
bled for all to see!
I sit shallow and
dream of nightmares
so long ago.I had
found my fairy tale
life that so easily
I could give my all
but out of my dreams
it left me like my
white horse down the
the road it went with
four doors.

My words I spread for
all to see with my
fingers the memory I
wish to erase stays
forever in this darkened
place that I wish to
find in light but I
know with all of my
being it cannot be done
for I have given all
that I was and could
ever be to that one
person who held all
of my dreams.

I am forever consumed
with my own realities
of complexed feelings
and awkwardness that
I cannot explain.

I feel like I am forever
spiraling in the air
that I Wish to breathe
but yet my chest is
tightened and my heart
stands still not
allowing what I need
to completely feel so
I engulf the air with
all of my might but
yet still my lungs are
closed off tight.

I wish to live in death,
dream in days,never to
forget who and what brought
me to this place.I step
back and look at the
life around me,the outside
that I so long to live
seems so far away even
though my feet quickly
can carry my weight out
of the threshold that
I wish to escape.

I am conspiring against
myself,I see him when
always I wish for Someone
else.I want to live!I
want to feel!But yet I
stand still to scared
of the words that forever
bond me where I am,the
words I was given by
another man.

I will never move completely
away because I remember
the words that were
Spoken on that fateful
day!Never forget that we
are one and one day whether
here or there we will
forever be happy together

We see eye to eye,you and me!

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