Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cravings of yesterday

I crave the feeling of
those tender arms
that lifts me up
giving me anticipation
of finding heaven.

Legs shake with
wanting and desire,
hearts race talking
to each other in
their own whispering

A shiver to play
sweetly along my
neck as your lips
touch me in the
softest of melodies
that take my breath

I crave that missing
feeling that sits in
the center of my heart
like a pedal finding
air once again warming
to the touch of the

A starlit night with
the sounds of the un-
known coming to life
as a million words we
speak to each other
quietly,only our minds
hear the words we leave
lingering in between the

That perfect feeling
of being one,being
intoned with another
person that will only
happen once in a lifetime.
No barriers to put up,
no lost words to hide
behind a mask!No reason
to be hidden behind the
flask of a drink,no lost
meanings to be discovered
when finally found.

The feeling of complete
just as being what life
wished us to be.No running
behind closed doors to
leave shadows among the
walls,no reason to fake
that perfect smile.

The arms that fulfill
all and in between,the
love of your life that
will not easily ever be
forgotten no matter how
hard you may try to find
another to take that place
that long ago was given.

No replacements can ever
walk the line of my heart
no matter how much I am to
lie and fall apart,disguise
with a new life to embark.

I crave the nights of
long ago!I walk away
back into the cold as
I put on my mask of fake
and bold.I sleep now
in the arms of another,
my dreams of you I will
always no matter what

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