Friday, June 8, 2012

Damning insecurities

Demons play on this
mind of mine,I am
blinded to my own
thoughts of failure
and insecurities.

I play with the bottom
of my lip in deep
thoughts of a freedom
that will give me
relief of my memories.

A tear falls from
my swollen eyes
that have not slept
in peace for as long
as I can remember,its
those thoughts that
forever haunt my dreams
in the light of day.

I wear my smile like
a princess in a long
ago fairy tale in the
meeting of her prince
for the very first time.
Like Cinderellas shoe
it drops on the ground
as I walk away from all
that views me.

I am worn down to the
wick like a burned out
candle that will never
find its way back to
the light again.I fall
back into the pit of
damning hell,I fall
under my old demons
bitter spell of grief
filled insecurities

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