Thursday, June 7, 2012

A woman's worth

I am careful with
the words that I
say,my heart has
to often been taken
out like a toy and

I am a lady to be
loved like a flower
that has just found
spring,I wish nothing
more but to prove
dignity and respect
is what I am made of.

I have played a mans
game one to many times.
Seen all the girls around
me leave happily but
their self esteem cannot
be found once their clothes
are shredded upon the

I watch them in a corner
acting the part,I wonder
when they decided no love
belongs to be found in
their hearts.A tear in
the night she cries all
alone,she sees now an
empty side to her bed
because he belongs to
another home.

I turn to my side and
see my sweet love,I am
grateful he learned my
mind before my clothes
met the floor where I
would of been left to
cry forever more.

I wander my days in
sweet happy bliss,I
know my love seen my
heart before I gave
in with a tempting
kiss.I am a women of
stature even with what
little I may have,my
dignity will never be
found lying upon the

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